about our twitter based rankings

the ratings available on twitflicks are generated by parsing the messages that are posted by the twitter community. but we're not just looking at them. we have developed our own lexicographical analysis to determine wheter the tweet about a particular movie is positive or negative.
and we're taking it even further, we're determining the strength of the emotion towards the movie contained in the tweet.
the emotional analysis is not an easy job, but it get's worse: we can't just parse the tweets we get from twitter until it matches the name of one of our movies in the database. folks on twitter typically use hashtags and abrevviations to communicate. and we have to do the same. twitflicks automatically generates the abbreviations and hashtags for movies as they're commonly used.
yes, it does happen that we mistakenly identify a positive for a negative. but consider that our rankings are typically based on thousands of individual reviews and not only on a dozen people's opinions like most other movie review sites.
it took us about ten million tweets and a little more than a year until we had perfectly adjusted and tuned our algorithms. we're not trying to compete with iMDB or wikipedia in terms of information about a movie, but we're confident to say that you'll get the best and most unbiased user based reviews on the web.

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